In times of renewed Corona lock-down, many companies are already practically at a standstill again. So why not use the time to do some proper market research once again? The classic way to think of it is that, as in the spring of 2020 last year, many interviewers will swarm out and survey thousands of people. The results are then extrapolated to the population as a percentage. Wrong! Of course, this is still not possible at the moment because of the pandemic! So why not start with digital market research now? This can be done without infecting other people and without endangering young respondents. And it's CO2 neutral, without mountains of paper questionnaires.

In many industries, the demand situation is changing dramatically. In order to better measure demand, ArgYou researchers have been working continuously over the last 12 years on new methods to accurately (meaning validly and reliably) measure demand for products, brands, services, topics, exclusively digitally. This works by measuring exactly what people are actively searching for when they type in keywords on all search channels available per country in 203 countries. It also measures on which channels this search takes place most frequently on average. With these "user audience" data you start your digital transformation from the beginning user and impact oriented.

Searches have again increased very strongly

Due to home-office, or travel restrictions, these searches have increased very strongly in the past weeks, as they did in spring 2020. Of course, the well-known search engines and social media or even partly the e-shops already benefit from this trend. People stay at home and provide themselves online with the necessary information and partly even with the necessary products. ArgYou's market researchers, who measure what is searched for on the channels and where, can also use this flood of data in a targeted manner to precisely measure the latest market trends for customers. Important here: The users are not "spied on" but only the search volume on the various search channels. The market researchers from Baar use the data anonymously so that no privacy problems arise.

The Find-Engine, finding what is being searched for

With the fastest market research engine in the world, it is now possible to measure exactly what has been searched for and how often in the past 30 days in 203 countries and on 14,103 channels worldwide, and thanks to machine learning and the first applications from artificial intelligence (AI), this is done in real time. The Find engine works very simply: A short video explains how it works:

Or try it out yourself right away. Go to: and you are already in the Find-Machine. After registration and login, enter the first 5 keywords for free. Make sure you have access to your mailbox when you sign up, so you can unlock the engine immediately (security is important to us!). Read the PRODUCT INFO at the bottom of the Find machine very carefully, so that you always use the machine correctly in your home-office.

Have fun with market research 4.0, guaranteed completely without risk of infection and without annoying advertising!

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