An extensive study of the digital markets proves: film and photography websites are closest to user interests. Silver and bronze medal go to the consulting branch and the news portals. Games, newspapers and television commercials rank fourth, fifth and sixth. E-shops, travel, schools and furniture are among the top ten.

In a study of more than three thousand Swiss branch websites ArgYou AG, the market leader in digital markets, shows that film and photography rank top, measured in regard of their affinity to user demand. What is actually measured are the mega-trends regarding contents on the portals. These are then systematically compared with those contents that average users actually look for. ArgYou measures the search by collecting and validating user demands in more than 180 search engines, social media and directories.

Surprisingly, consulting and auditing firms take an extremely good second place with a user affinity of more than sixty-five percent. Third come the news portals. The average websites meet active demand in the internet only at fifty percent – thus they still have a lot of potential.

e-shops with largest supply

In terms of the size of their supply e-shops offer by far the largest amount of contents, followed by the travel agencies with their countless destinations, and the news portals. At the tail-end of tenderers are the consulting firms, although with the smallest content-size they are nevertheless second in terms of meeting the demands of users.

This testifies to a fairly good efficiency and comparatively little content waste.Since the year 2000 ArgYou AG has been measuring systematically the effectiveness of online communication and campaigns in all branches and in twenty-nine languages.

Measuring instead of guessing ArgYou analyses the effectiveness of websites and online campaigns from the initial idea to the moment of uploading. It produces analyses of your market competitors with research methods and tools explicitly developed for this purpose. The scientifically scooped-up online marketing data will be used for specific content marketing in the planning or the asessment of the effectiveness of digital advertising and communication strategies, especially for e-shops.The analyses based on search engine data pools support the persons responsible in the strategic marketing from the initial idea to the conclusion of the campaign.. Results are available for all branches within ten days and in twenty-eight languages.



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